Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pouch of Love

Her name is Hernik. She is one of my greatest friend. We are brought together by yarn. Yes, we are yarn lover. She is very talented. She is not only doing knitting, but also crocheting, doing patchwork, sewing, smocking and also cooking. Lucky I am, I know her.

I never forget all the moment that we have been spent together. Hunting yarn, watching movie, knitting together or just window shopping. Its really a beautiful moment. She loves to share her talent not only with me but also with her friends and the women who lives in a shelter.

This pouch made by her as a farewell gift. Its a nice combination, with those small cutest flower embroidery.  Love it. I will keep it as my treasure. Thanks for all your caring and loving.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Long Journey Knit

I started knit this pashmina last Mei. And I can only completed this project on Sunday. Owh, What a long time. I can't believe it, I need seven month to complete this project. Within that time I also doing a lot of things. Knitted shawl for humanity, crocheting purse, baking cake and many more. Automatically, more often stored than knitted.

A lot of roads that have been passed by me and my pashmina. A lot of story have been grown with us. A lot of people have been met. Its like a treasure box which kept a lot of secret about life.

Need a day to make the border around the pashmina. Dian teach me how to crochet the border. I choose lace knitting with bubble knit. Actually, this is my third lace knitting. The first one, I gave it to my best friend as a birthday gift. And the second one i gave for the victim on Merapi eruption. And I'll give this as a Christmas gift. 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chocolate Muffin

After all day long doing my knitting project, finally  i can finish it this morning. My stomach singing, need something to eat. I remember i have muffin mix, so i decided to bake muffin for breakfast. Hhmm, but my stomach can't stand, so i take chicken porridge first for breakfast. After full, I am ready to do my baking project, not for breakfast of course, but I still can eat it for brunch. Yeahh..let's bake muffin!!!

You need : 1 pack Chocolate Muffin mix ( you can find at food ingredients store), 200 g vegetable oil, 200 g whole eggs, 50 g fresh milk, and 100 g chocolate chips.
 vanilla muffin mix

You just need two step for doing this. Mix all ingredients for 2 minutes. Put in chocolate chips. Then Pour into mould. Bake for 20 minute. Don't forget to preheat the oven first to 200 - 220 degree celcius.


After 20 minutes  remove from the oven. Ta..da..hhmm Its crisp on the outside and moist in the inside. Happy baking and happy holidays!! 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Make Your Own Beads

Trying something new is so fun. This is my first attempt to make my own beads from dough. I should make any improvements and fix the formula. The dough made from cornstarch and white glue (PVC glue). I should add vegetable oil but i didn't, that's why its not easy to remove from the picks. You can use a mixture from several flour like flour, tapioca flour and cornstarch with ratio 1 :1:1. And don't forget to add vegetable.

Various shapes can be made from this dough, not only beads but also doll, miniature of fruit and vegetable and so on.

Here the ingredients: 200 g cornstarch, 120 g white glue, 70 g water and food colour. . You can use mixture flour (flour : tapioca flour : cornstarch = 1:1:1). If you don't have food colour you can use Poster colour or acrylic colour. Don't forget to add 5 gram of vegetable oil and 1/2 teaspoon of natrium benzoat to avoid dough from fungi.

Put cornstarch and natrium benzoat in a small bowl

Add white glue

Mix with your hand until mix well. Divided into three parts or more, this dough ready to coloured.

Put the dough into small bowl then dropped1-2 drops food colur. Mix well.

This coloured dough ready to shaped.

To make beads you need hole in the middle. Use toothpicks to make a hole. Let dry in the open air. If necessery dry in direct sunlight.Then remove from toothpicks.

Now you have your own beads and ready to use.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New members on My Kitchen

What a happy day I have more stuff on my kitchen. I will introduce you to my Pastry blender and Bear claw cutter. I was dreaming of this pastry blender since two or more years ago. That's why I'm soooo.... happy to have it.
And this bear claw cutter catched my eyes..then my brain works, ordered my hand to take it home too (hehehe...)

I used pastry blender manually to cut in butter into dry ingredient, when i make pie crust or puff crust. Previously i use my hand to mix the crust or use two table knifes like scissor, one knife in each hand. Its very useful tool and make me easy to mix crust ingridient.

I never used this cutter yet. This stuff is a kind of pasta and pastry tools, especially for cutting puff pastry. I should try to use this tool....hhhmm I've got an idea to make apple strudel this week so I can use this tool. Owh, can't wait to use it

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Time to Remembered #3 : My Ribbon Embroidery Class

New place always bring new environment, new energy and also new friend. Lucky I'm that i have a chance to feel it with my best friend, Yati. Since she has resign from her old job, she decided to developed her own business. She opened her own training center, and I teach ribbon embroidery in my spare time.

 nurul and iza look serious doing their class

I love teaching very much, cause i can share anything: my knowledge, my skill and also my happiness. This activity obviously can cure my homesickness when I'm away from my beloved family. not worry to divided and share your happiness, cause happiness will multiplies when  divided to the others.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Banana Cake..Hhmmm Yummy

Looking something for breakfast? Hhmmm a slice of banana cake and a cup of tea could be better. Enjoy your new morning with this moist and tasty cake while enjoying morning sun, bird sing and fresh morning air.

I made some improvements with the recipe. This time I use my new recipe. You need 6 egg (4 whole eggs plus 2 egg yolks), 250 g flour (you can reduce to 200 g), 150 g sugar, 1 tablespoon quick/SP and 250 g margarine (heat until melted). Owh ya don't forget with the bananas, I take six bananas then slice it into small pieces. Take only ripe bananas, it contains more sugar and it will make your cake moist. Underripe banana will cause your cake bitter taste. You can also add 1 - 2 tablespoon cream cheese to make your cake more delicious.

Pour sugar and flour into a bowl. Then add the eggs and SP. Mixed until fluffy and white. Add slices banana, beat until mix well. Last pour margarine, stir until mix well too. Then pour the dough into pan which spread with butter. Don't forget to preheat your oven first to 180 degree.

Bake 30 - 40 minutes or until toothpick come out clean. Lift from the oven, let it cool, then remove from the pan and cut into pieces. Now your banana cake ready to served, to accompanied your lovely morning. Happy Holidays !!

Monday, December 6, 2010

One Hour Sewing

I wake up in the morning, do my routine work, then idea comes to sew my new batik textile. I need something that i can do quickly before the idea gone away and before i was attacked by the annoying feeling lazy. It is very dangerous. Be careful with that feeling.

Mega Mendung

So, i decided to sew peasant blouse. It is easy to cut and easy to sew. Ta..da..ready in less than one hour. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Batik Trusmi : Souvenir from Cirebon

Last month, i have a trip to Cirebon. I am so excited. Cirebon is a good place for batik, Rattan craft, nasi Jamblang, Empal gentong and also for seafood. Oh ya, I almost forgot, here, you can find any kind of snack, and any kind of krupuk including krupuk 'melarat'.

There is a famous region in Cirebon that known as a batik maker called Trusmi. That's why batik Cirebon also known as batik Trusmi.The style of batik cirebon known as seaboard batik and its more colourful. And the famous motif is 'Mega mendung', which influenced by palace of kingdom in Cirebon.

The black one is Mega Mendung motif. Mostly, Mega Mendung present in various color.

The brown one is new motif called 'embossed batik'

I found this patchwork, and its very cheap. I think i will make a blanket.

There is a different look between batik Cirebon and batik from central Java. Batik Cirebon more colour challenge, more brave, and it doesn't use symmetrical pattern in entire material. Animal, flower and plants are more dominant in their motif

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Make Your Own Potpourri

I made this tutorial last September for Ramadan Tutorial Project. But I have a lot of things to do, so i don't have time to post, until i forget it. But this afternoon something remind me to post this tutorial. When i choose clothes that i want to wear tomorrow, i saw something hang up on the hanger. My Potpourri !!!

It is very easy to make.

You need dried flower, tile fabric, scissors, needle, sewing thread, ribbon and fragrance.

Place tile fabric on the table then put dried flower upon it.


 Using running stitch, stitch around dried flower until you have a 10 - 15 cm circle.

Pull the thread, and you will have a potpourri pouch. Now, this pouch ready to decorate.

Take 0,5 cm green ribbon cut 20 cm long

Fold as shown in a figure above

Then put ribbon folded roses upon it

Finally, put your roses onto pouch.
Owh ya, don't forget to put  two or three drops fragrance. 
You may choose your favorite fragrance