Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Batik Trusmi : Souvenir from Cirebon

Last month, i have a trip to Cirebon. I am so excited. Cirebon is a good place for batik, Rattan craft, nasi Jamblang, Empal gentong and also for seafood. Oh ya, I almost forgot, here, you can find any kind of snack, and any kind of krupuk including krupuk 'melarat'.

There is a famous region in Cirebon that known as a batik maker called Trusmi. That's why batik Cirebon also known as batik Trusmi.The style of batik cirebon known as seaboard batik and its more colourful. And the famous motif is 'Mega mendung', which influenced by palace of kingdom in Cirebon.

The black one is Mega Mendung motif. Mostly, Mega Mendung present in various color.

The brown one is new motif called 'embossed batik'

I found this patchwork, and its very cheap. I think i will make a blanket.

There is a different look between batik Cirebon and batik from central Java. Batik Cirebon more colour challenge, more brave, and it doesn't use symmetrical pattern in entire material. Animal, flower and plants are more dominant in their motif

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