Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New members on My Kitchen

What a happy day I have more stuff on my kitchen. I will introduce you to my Pastry blender and Bear claw cutter. I was dreaming of this pastry blender since two or more years ago. That's why I'm soooo.... happy to have it.
And this bear claw cutter catched my eyes..then my brain works, ordered my hand to take it home too (hehehe...)

I used pastry blender manually to cut in butter into dry ingredient, when i make pie crust or puff crust. Previously i use my hand to mix the crust or use two table knifes like scissor, one knife in each hand. Its very useful tool and make me easy to mix crust ingridient.

I never used this cutter yet. This stuff is a kind of pasta and pastry tools, especially for cutting puff pastry. I should try to use this tool....hhhmm I've got an idea to make apple strudel this week so I can use this tool. Owh, can't wait to use it

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