Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chocolate Muffin

After all day long doing my knitting project, finally  i can finish it this morning. My stomach singing, need something to eat. I remember i have muffin mix, so i decided to bake muffin for breakfast. Hhmm, but my stomach can't stand, so i take chicken porridge first for breakfast. After full, I am ready to do my baking project, not for breakfast of course, but I still can eat it for brunch. Yeahh..let's bake muffin!!!

You need : 1 pack Chocolate Muffin mix ( you can find at food ingredients store), 200 g vegetable oil, 200 g whole eggs, 50 g fresh milk, and 100 g chocolate chips.
 vanilla muffin mix

You just need two step for doing this. Mix all ingredients for 2 minutes. Put in chocolate chips. Then Pour into mould. Bake for 20 minute. Don't forget to preheat the oven first to 200 - 220 degree celcius.


After 20 minutes  remove from the oven. Ta..da..hhmm Its crisp on the outside and moist in the inside. Happy baking and happy holidays!! 

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