Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Long Journey Knit

I started knit this pashmina last Mei. And I can only completed this project on Sunday. Owh, What a long time. I can't believe it, I need seven month to complete this project. Within that time I also doing a lot of things. Knitted shawl for humanity, crocheting purse, baking cake and many more. Automatically, more often stored than knitted.

A lot of roads that have been passed by me and my pashmina. A lot of story have been grown with us. A lot of people have been met. Its like a treasure box which kept a lot of secret about life.

Need a day to make the border around the pashmina. Dian teach me how to crochet the border. I choose lace knitting with bubble knit. Actually, this is my third lace knitting. The first one, I gave it to my best friend as a birthday gift. And the second one i gave for the victim on Merapi eruption. And I'll give this as a Christmas gift. 


  1. hihi seru yah merajut itu, serasa punya waktu yang tersimpan didalam rajutannya..kenti hebat!! :)

  2. iya bener lo, merajut itu mengasyikan. setiap kali merajut punya ceritanya sendiri...sangking lamanya..hehehe. Ikutan yuu, biar tambah asik dan tambah banyak semangatnya