Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My First Scrapbook # Day Book

Claudine introduce me to scrapbooking, and then suddenly i'm falling in love to it. Scrapbooking was fun and full of joy.  It always pop up on my mind while i'm doing crochet, cooking  or looking at my travelling picture. Thousand ideas pop up  on my head...oh no somebody please help me. I think I should go to odin's class and learn more how to scrapbooking. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Shodo and Origami

Shodo is a Jappanese caligraphy, the way of artistic writing. Its beauty and has spiritual power. Shodo teach us to obey the rule to bring in the beautiful rhitym. Have been lucky, i can follow this free workshop at tobucil and taught directly by crafters and artist from kyoto, Japan.

The equiepment

The brush, there are two kind of brushes the slender one and the thick one. The ink, is a hard-dried wooden stick and can be converted into usable ink when rubbed with water into inkstone. Need a concentration When you rubbed the ink to keep the bottom of the ink, flat 

And here is my name translation in shodo, and the way to write. The meaning of my name in jappanese is healthy. I'm trully blessed.

The origami i have learned