Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Make Your Own Potpourri

I made this tutorial last September for Ramadan Tutorial Project. But I have a lot of things to do, so i don't have time to post, until i forget it. But this afternoon something remind me to post this tutorial. When i choose clothes that i want to wear tomorrow, i saw something hang up on the hanger. My Potpourri !!!

It is very easy to make.

You need dried flower, tile fabric, scissors, needle, sewing thread, ribbon and fragrance.

Place tile fabric on the table then put dried flower upon it.


 Using running stitch, stitch around dried flower until you have a 10 - 15 cm circle.

Pull the thread, and you will have a potpourri pouch. Now, this pouch ready to decorate.

Take 0,5 cm green ribbon cut 20 cm long

Fold as shown in a figure above

Then put ribbon folded roses upon it

Finally, put your roses onto pouch.
Owh ya, don't forget to put  two or three drops fragrance. 
You may choose your favorite fragrance

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Time to Remembered #2 : Let's Make Cup Cake

I always remember this time as a wonderful moment. Finding new friends who taking care of you as her own family in overseas is a blessing. Lucky I am that I have a lot of loving and caring friends surrounding me.

Me, Eyza, and Uswah are work in the same College. Uswah sister's, Shana, love baking very much and so do we. That's why we always stay at uswah home for baking. Its fun..really fun.

Eyza take baking course...and this cuties cup cake was her first attempt

We use butter cream as a topping. Then we put strawberry...yea its an artificial strawberry,
but its cute, isn't it? We make from strawberry jam.

We also use ready make gum paste flowers.

Put butter cream roses on the cake, make it nice

We're also trying to combine both of them.

Look, we're always make her kitchen in a mess

And this is Eyza's work. Its pretty, isn't it?

I'm gonna miss this moment...I wish I can visit them in another time. And I wish God bless u all.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Knitting Needle Case

Finally, I can organize my knitting needles. I found this fabric and i think its cute with snoopy motif. Then I have an idea to make a needle case.
On the outside I combine two motif at once, snoopy and plain cotton

In the inside, i use only snoopy motif. I also put an elastic, to hold my needle not so easy to pull out.

And now i can bring my needles wherever i go. Its easy to carry, cause I put a handle on it.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Time to Remembered #1: Trip to Kemaman

There is always a good time to remembered. Find a new place is always a very pleasant time, cause we can meet a new friend, we can know a new culture and we can also know how they live by the values that they profess.

Kemaman is a district in Terengganu, Malaysia, which is rich with oil and gas. I remember, zila ask me to go with her to Kemaman for the craft exhibition. She is one of the great friends of mine.

This is a famous kopitiam
(coffee shop) in kemaman. Its opened in 1935

Its a best place for local and traveller kopitiam for breakfast

Kopi 'O'. Its strong coffee

This is one of the famous breakfast item, toasted bread with kaya.

Hhmmm....i forgot this bread's name.
Its like roti canai, but its more bigger and more Delicious.

Zila and friend's booth

Rozita and her project.

Me, help zita to decorate her pouch with ribbon embroidery

Zila and her student..she teach how to sew 'kerudung'

And me...i teach ribbon embroidery.

This is one of the great trip i ever had, and i will always remember it.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Spring Season in The Rain

Bring in spring on your look, and your world more colorful. Rain is a blessing, it bring life not just for human being but also all the living things. Rain also swept away all the sadness and make our life more beautiful

Rain, bring me many ideas to make your look awesome. I made flowers for a corsage or hair clip. It is easy to made and fun. This time I use fabric to make flowers combined with swarovsky beads to make it glow.

Sometimes ideas arise by accident. I don't have a model to put my flowers but then I look Matha Stewart magazines. There is an advertising model behind it. She is pretty and cool, and i can put the flowers like she wear hair clip, brachelet and corsage. Its Brilliant!! Whoever you are, I am very grateful for being my model. I wish spring always come to your life and everybody's life.