Thursday, December 16, 2010

Make Your Own Beads

Trying something new is so fun. This is my first attempt to make my own beads from dough. I should make any improvements and fix the formula. The dough made from cornstarch and white glue (PVC glue). I should add vegetable oil but i didn't, that's why its not easy to remove from the picks. You can use a mixture from several flour like flour, tapioca flour and cornstarch with ratio 1 :1:1. And don't forget to add vegetable.

Various shapes can be made from this dough, not only beads but also doll, miniature of fruit and vegetable and so on.

Here the ingredients: 200 g cornstarch, 120 g white glue, 70 g water and food colour. . You can use mixture flour (flour : tapioca flour : cornstarch = 1:1:1). If you don't have food colour you can use Poster colour or acrylic colour. Don't forget to add 5 gram of vegetable oil and 1/2 teaspoon of natrium benzoat to avoid dough from fungi.

Put cornstarch and natrium benzoat in a small bowl

Add white glue

Mix with your hand until mix well. Divided into three parts or more, this dough ready to coloured.

Put the dough into small bowl then dropped1-2 drops food colur. Mix well.

This coloured dough ready to shaped.

To make beads you need hole in the middle. Use toothpicks to make a hole. Let dry in the open air. If necessery dry in direct sunlight.Then remove from toothpicks.

Now you have your own beads and ready to use.

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