Sunday, July 4, 2010

Decorate the box

I decorated this box a year ago as a present for my friend. And now i want to share with you how to decorate boxes in various shapes and sizes.

You need : scissor, glue, 3 mm sponge, and 1 mm cardboard (2 mm or 3 mm cardboard more better)

You also need an ornament whatever you like. But now, i used my ribbon embroidery. Don't forget to provide a ready made box. The box size and an ornament should be match.

First you have to cut the cardboard same size with the box cover

Do the same thing with the sponge.

You will have one piece of cardboard and one piece of sponge.

Put glue on the cardboard, then the sponge placed thereon. Let it dry.

Put the ornament upside down on the table. Then, the sponge placed above the ornament.

Pull the right side and stick on top the cardboard that have been given by glue.

Here, after you pull the left and right side and stick on the top of the cardboard

Last, you will have this one.

Then put the ornament above the box cover that have been given by glue. Trim by putting the cord around the it.