Tuesday, April 3, 2012

From The 1st Craft Swaps

Look, what i found!! How happy i am when odin give me this stuffs. Its my 1st craft swaps i followed on saturday 25th february. Its awesome, all they've done its really wonderfull. Made with passion and love, and the important thing is, we made with our own hand. That is our way to  be gratefull in everyday life. This first swaps followed by twelve people, it means each people receive twelve different stuffs.

from : designbyvitarlenology's photo

Gathering  is always fun. Unfortunetely me and  wieny could not come. Me, i'm on duty  that day. But i can imagine, that day is full of joy. I can't wait for the next swaps party.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dumpy Duck Monster

xoxoxo...what a cute monster. The Mogus help me to make the character while the body made by me six month or a year ago, i think ( really forgot when i made this body, untill i clean my room and i found it on my amigurumi box a month ago).  Searching something i can use as a character  on Mogu's dump felt is full of fun, coz he has big bundle dump-felt  and i can dig up easily. Ta..da..i found this big mouth  with big white teeth and yellow mouth.  Then i put yellow hand and foot, tail and shawl to make him a goergeous looking. And what about the eyes? No need, i think.  My 'dumpy duck' can see whole world with his heart

Ppssstt...i tell you a secret, I  put a tail to make him stand up properly. Now he has nice looking and can stand up properly and ready to cheer you up and especially to cheer deasy . Yea, this 'dumpy duck' is a farewell gift for her. And i hope she like my present and take care of him.