Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pouch of Love

Her name is Hernik. She is one of my greatest friend. We are brought together by yarn. Yes, we are yarn lover. She is very talented. She is not only doing knitting, but also crocheting, doing patchwork, sewing, smocking and also cooking. Lucky I am, I know her.

I never forget all the moment that we have been spent together. Hunting yarn, watching movie, knitting together or just window shopping. Its really a beautiful moment. She loves to share her talent not only with me but also with her friends and the women who lives in a shelter.

This pouch made by her as a farewell gift. Its a nice combination, with those small cutest flower embroidery.  Love it. I will keep it as my treasure. Thanks for all your caring and loving.


  1. Asli bikinan Indonesia ya mbak, produknya?

  2. yup...asli buatan indonesia n semuanya handmade lo.