Friday, February 18, 2011

A Nice Gift : Handmade Marketplace Book

"I think the greatest creative inspiration comes from seeing other people make things" ( Kim werker)

It was great Friday, and i feel great too. Everything goes as usually. Unexpected thing happened when i came to fini's house. She said : " happy birthday" . Do i get my birthday? cause it happened two weeks ago. I did not expect this nice little surprise. And another surprise was...she gave me a present. Wow, 'Handmade Nation' book. And she sew the bag by her own to wrapped the gifts. Really nice little surprise!!!

I knew about handmade nation for the first time from my sister. Handmade nation gave her the book. This book tells about how to sell your craft locally, globally and online. Its divided in three parts.

Part one tells about how to get to know yourself and your business, including how to brand your business, define your customer and develop name and logo.

Part two tells about how to market our product, how important to make a connection to your craft community, how to make your blog successful, how important to advertise and make publicity

Part three tells about how to get down selling. This book direct us how to participate craft fair and starting how to develop your own craft fair. And the interesting thing is this book also tell us how to get creative in selling options and opportunities.

Thanks to fini and tanto who believe in me that i could be a success business woman. Your Prayers is the best gift in my life (..and the book of course hehehe)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Blue Mambo Shawl, Warm Your Heart


These are  special shawl, not because i broke a new record  for doing this ( i can't believe i need less than eight hours to finished one shawl). But these are special  gift for special friend: icha, her husband : iman and her little adorable son : Pasha.


I remembered when me , icha and iman first met.  How sweet we are, met at LRT station. Its like romantic movie (hahaha).  After that first met, they always took me everywhere they go. They're more than a friend to me. Their presence can cure my homesickness when I'm away from my beloved family. They like a present that God has sent to me. Yea, finding friend  in overseas whose taking care of you as your own family is a blessing.  How lucky i am to know them.

we are happy family shawl

Now,  they'll move out for good.  One thing i can do is pray for their happiness and their success. And i wish these little gift can warm  not only their body but also their heart as they had warmed my heart with their love and caring. Good luck, dear !!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Recipe Book : A Heritage From My Mother

This book is a special book, not only for my mom, but also for me and my sisters. This book had already accompanied us since i was a little girl. If we had a special occasion like eid Mubarak celebration, she always looking for a recipe from this book. And she asked me to help her whisked the dough. At that time we did not have electric mixer yet. We only used a spiral whisk and we are usually whisk batter alternately to avoid hand sores.

Every recipe in this book use no food additives, and of course it is good for our health. I like her handwriting with old spelling, its so tidy even though in some parts i could not read. She wrote this recipe since she wasn't married yet. Her passion is cooking. And she love to share tested recipe to our neighbour. She also often gave a tutorial for the new recipe in her community. 
For the next cooking project I'll test the recipe in this book one by one.

It was not only cooking recipe, I found some traditional treatment to cure some diseases. And formulation to dispense vaporub ointment and cream soap. Yea, she made her own cream soap and its more cheaper than buy in the market. Every month she bought a package of cream soap ingredients, and my father help her to mix the ingredients.

Mom, thank you for all you have already inherited to us. Love you always !!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crochet 'Mukena' Bag

This little bag, crochet to change my old mukena bag that tattered a week after i bought it. I need a little bag to put my mukena that i could carry easily. I crochet this bag in the midst boredom knit my new project : knit cable motif for my new bag.

I should make the bottom of the bag in oval shapped. I think, it will be more nicer than this round shapped. Anyway, i like this bag.