Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Knitting A Blue Navy Shawl

Its more than two months i did not post anything. There is always a reason to prevent me from writing. A lot of story passing in this past two months. One is about this blue navy shawl. Three days before eid mubarak celebration, in the midst of cheos order to make cakes, my sister's friend ask her to make 9 shawl. And must be completed within 2 days. She delivered to the others to knitt the shawl. One person have to knitt one shawl, including me. Its really fun, finally i do knitt again and also can refresh my mind.

I knitt this shawl use curly yarn. Blue navy and orange is a perfect combination. And i hope, everyday is a perfect day for me to write and do craft. HAPPY EID MUBARAK !!!


  1. Where did you get the curly yarn?

  2. you can get here ...btw, where do you live marissa?