Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Red Eye Panda Amigurumi

Xo..xo..xo..i have a little pal, her name is imel. She is my granddaughter's cousin. She came to my house at the second day of eid mubarak celebration. "Do you still have a doll?" she asked me. Wow, she still remind that i ever gave her a doll. I gave margo to her. Then, i get busy looking for something that still remain in my treasure box.

A, ha...finally i found my chocolate amigurumi panda. I made it almost a year ago, but i didn't put any face on it  yet. I aske imel what color she like, then i put two red eyes on  my amigurumi face, one big smile on her face. Ta daa, " do we have the same look?"

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