Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Blue Mambo Shawl, Warm Your Heart


These are  special shawl, not because i broke a new record  for doing this ( i can't believe i need less than eight hours to finished one shawl). But these are special  gift for special friend: icha, her husband : iman and her little adorable son : Pasha.


I remembered when me , icha and iman first met.  How sweet we are, met at LRT station. Its like romantic movie (hahaha).  After that first met, they always took me everywhere they go. They're more than a friend to me. Their presence can cure my homesickness when I'm away from my beloved family. They like a present that God has sent to me. Yea, finding friend  in overseas whose taking care of you as your own family is a blessing.  How lucky i am to know them.

we are happy family shawl

Now,  they'll move out for good.  One thing i can do is pray for their happiness and their success. And i wish these little gift can warm  not only their body but also their heart as they had warmed my heart with their love and caring. Good luck, dear !!!

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