Friday, February 4, 2011

Recipe Book : A Heritage From My Mother

This book is a special book, not only for my mom, but also for me and my sisters. This book had already accompanied us since i was a little girl. If we had a special occasion like eid Mubarak celebration, she always looking for a recipe from this book. And she asked me to help her whisked the dough. At that time we did not have electric mixer yet. We only used a spiral whisk and we are usually whisk batter alternately to avoid hand sores.

Every recipe in this book use no food additives, and of course it is good for our health. I like her handwriting with old spelling, its so tidy even though in some parts i could not read. She wrote this recipe since she wasn't married yet. Her passion is cooking. And she love to share tested recipe to our neighbour. She also often gave a tutorial for the new recipe in her community. 
For the next cooking project I'll test the recipe in this book one by one.

It was not only cooking recipe, I found some traditional treatment to cure some diseases. And formulation to dispense vaporub ointment and cream soap. Yea, she made her own cream soap and its more cheaper than buy in the market. Every month she bought a package of cream soap ingredients, and my father help her to mix the ingredients.

Mom, thank you for all you have already inherited to us. Love you always !!!

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