Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Note Samba

This is just a little samba
Built upon a single note
Other notes are bound to follow
But the root is still that note
Now this new one is the consequence
Of the one we've just been through
As I'm bound to be the unavoidable
consequence of you

Nice song, and I'm in love with Astrud Gilberto version, she has a clever voice. And this nice notebook made by a clever hand too, a present from my sister. She made it self. She sew the cover, stitch the note..ya, its a book binding note. I like the cover, the colour combination and the beads. She is very talented and she is an expert in book binding making.

And this another nice notebook is a present from my youngest sister. Its cool. She has a clever hand too. She loves knitting very much, but she is also doing crocheting. She teach me how to knit. And her great creation is about coral life. She made an exhibition at Tobucil : Out From The Deep

Now, i can organize my activity..take a note about my journey, my life and all the interesting. Yea..this is just a little samba built upon a single

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