Friday, January 14, 2011

Crochet Bag For My Mom

My mom asked me to crochet a bag for her, while I'm  crocheting my blue floral bag. After i complete my bag, I started to crochet a bag for her. Like my blue floral bag, I mix two types of yarn. I have a black velvet yarn and blue fluffy acrylic yarn. I put one black flower in the middle. Not bad i think, but I am not satisfied with the rope, I put too wide. 

Its a new record for me, i could  finished it only in a day. Really awesome (ha ha self praise) !!! She like it very much and she push to sew the inner by her self. Yea, Her hobby is sewing. She still sew her own clothes. And on the sidelines of her times she was sewing sequins and beads on her clothes or her veil. Enjoy your bag, mom !!!

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