Monday, January 10, 2011

Blue Floral Bag

This bag made two weeks ago. I can't believe, I could finished it only in a week for the bag, a day to make the flowers and a day to sew the zippers and the inner. 
For the bag, I mix two types of yarn,  plain blue cotton and  patterned-blue acrylic yarn. I choose an easy crochet pattern to make this solid bag. Chain and single crochet are two basic stitches I have been  used.

I need twelve flowers to put along the top of the bag. I use bobble crochet in the circle of  the flowers. And for the petals I use single crochet and double crochet.

Each flowers stitch along the top of the bag using hand stitch.

The zippers sewn on the bag also using hand stitch and so does the inner. I found a fabric that has been embroidered with ribbon embroidery that I made about a year ago, for the inner.

It looks nice with blue  floral along the top of the bag. And i wish, everyday that i go through in this year will be as beautiful as the flower that i made.

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