Friday, January 21, 2011

Purple Hobo Bag

Last Saturday i started to crochet a hobo bag. A hobo bag is a bag or a purse carried over the shoulder with single strap. The shape is typically crescent. Some smaller bag or purse has the shape like a half moon. The large bag vaguely follow the crescent shape but it is not so noticeable.

This time i didn't mix the yarn, but still use double strand of yarn to make the bag more solid. Pick a yarn and pick the color is always an interesting moment. I pick this soft purple one, to mix and match with my clothes. Yea, i have an obsession to crochet, knit or sew my own bag. Too many fake branded bags in the market. I prefer buy no branded bags than a fake one.

Crochet this hobo bag is easy and fun, even though without pattern. I just use chain and single crochet, nothing else. Then i put two rings in the strap to make an accent. I also put a flap with a big button. I make the button using my pin, covered with a round crochet. so i can remove and change the button to refresh the look.

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