Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 4# Simple Blouse Pattern (Part 2)

I supposed to post this project on Saturday, but i have a lot of thing to do: clean the house, baking cake, deliver cake orders. But it doesn't really matter when i should post this, as long as i have time to share it with you, i will do it.

In this tutorial
I'll show you how to make simple blouse pattern with real measurements.

The Bodice Part :

First, you need old newspaper, or any other paper as long as width. Fold the paper.

Pull the line, start from the fold.

Measure from the fold of the paper 7.5 cm (A-C).

Then 13 cm from B point to C (B-C)

Measure downward 4 cm (B-D2)

From A to A1 measure 2 cm

From C1 to C2 measure 2 cm

Pull straight line from C1 to D2 (in the picture i write D1). Pull also the straight line from C2 to B1.

Measure downward from A1 to C 7.5 cm

Pull the line parallel to A- C from C1, and pull the line parallel to A - C1 from C.

Connect point C to C1 with curve arches

Do the same thing from point A1 to C

And.... you will have this figure

From C, measure downward 25 cm to D

Aside from D point to D1, measure 25 cm

Connect from D1 to D2 with curve arches

This is the figure you will have

Extend the line from B1 and D2 downward. Measure 22 cm (sleeve length). Then pull the line downward, rectangle on the extention line. will have this figure

Then, cut along the outer lines.

Cut the fold parts

Now, you have two pieces of the bodice pattern : front side and back side

Take the front side, then cut along the outer lines

Here's the back side

The Sleeve Part :

Fold the paper. Measure from the fold part 12 cm (A- B)

From B, measure downward 8 cm (B1). Then connect from A to B1

Devide this line (A-B1) into four equal parts. From A2 measure downward 1.5 cm, and from A1 measure upward 1.5 cm.

Align CenterThen connect this point, from B1 to A

Cut along the outer lines is the sleeve parts

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