Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 5# Fried spring roll

Fried Spring roll popular in indonesia as 'Lumpia goreng' is one of my favorite snack. 'Lumpia' are pastries of Chinese origin, similar to spring roll. The recipe of 'lumpia' brought by Chinese immigrants to southeast Asia and became popular when they are settled in Indonesia.

There are two kind of 'lumpia' in Indonesia : Lumpia basah and 'Lumpia' Semarang. 'Lumpia basah' (wet spring roll) means spring roll without frying. It is similar with vietnamese spring roll. While 'Lumpia semarang' is fried spring roll. The name behind is a capital city of central Java which is popular with this snack.

All ingridients you need are :

25 sheets spring roll wrappers, 150 prawn, 150 g mushroom, 200 g sliced yam, 200 g sliced bamboo shoots, 200 g sliced carrots, 200 g sliced chicken. 6 cloves garlic, sufficient of pepper, salt and sugar.

What should we do now?

First grind garlic, salt and peper. Add 2 pieces of prawn, grind again until smooth. Stir fry until cooked

Add in sliced carrots

Add in bamboo shoots. Note : You have to cooked with water and 1 tsp sugar, drain, then sliced or chopped

Add in sliced yam

Add in sliced prawn

You can also add oyster sauce. Then cooked until the water evaporates

Put 2 - 3 tablespood of filling into the wrapper. Then fold as shown in the picture bellow

Deep fry until golden brown

Happy Cooking !!!

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