Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 9# Needle Book Binding

I need something to organize my sewing needle. I decided to use my felt fabric to make needle book binding. Its easy to make and easy to take wherever you go.

The materials you need are :

Felt fabric in any color, sewing thread or embroidery yarn,
scissors, sewing needle and corsage or anything else to decorate

The instruction :

First, We'll gonna make sheets insertion.
Placed felt fabric on the table,
then measure 10 cm to 20 cm.
You can take your own size.

Cut according to your size

You need 3 pieces felt fabric with the same size
and different color (or the same color),
and You'll have 6 sheets insertion.
If you take 2 pieces felt fabric then you'll have 4 sheets.

You need 2 pieces felt fabric with different size.
I take 9 cm to 20 cm for and 14 cm to 20 cm.
Doesn't matter if you take different color or the same color.

Combine both pieces with feston stitch.

You will have an envelope

Oblique cutting the edges

Placed the sheets insertion and closed envelope together.

Bind this book together.
First you have to fold all sheets in half
then mark with a pen or pencil.
Start sew from the middle, pull it to the back side,
leaves an extra yarn on the edge.

Pull 3 cm to 4 cm horizontally to the right side.
Pull the needle to the front side.

Insert the needle in the middle (first place).
Pull into the back side

From the back side, pull 3 cm- 4 cm horizontally
to the left side.

Then pull the needle into the front side

Cut the yarn, leaves an extra yarn on the edge

Tie it together with your knot. Cut the extend yarn,
leaves about 1 cm to 2 cm.

Fold in half, then trim the edges

Now you have sewing needle bookbinding.
You can decorate your needle bookbinding as you like.

You also have a pocket to put your sewing thread
or embroidery yarn

Put your needle into the sheets insertion.
Now it will more easier for you to take your needle
everywhere you go

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