Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 8# Pom Pom Hair Clips

Since i never cut my hair for almost a year, i need something to tie it
. I have hair clip, but i need to decorate the hair clip to make it more beautiful. Lucky i am, my lovely teddy bear would be a model for my pom pom hair clips. She looks cute, isn't she?

To make a pom pom you need yarn. You can choose your favorit color and yarn.

Wrap the yarn around your fingers. The more you wrap the yarn, the denser your pom pom will be

Remove from your fingers

Tie it in the center

Slip your scissors in between, then begin cutting around. Do the same thing with the other side

Make three pom pom to make over your hair clip

Paste your pom pom on the hair clip use gun glue

And here is your pom pom hair clips

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