Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 10# Doughnut Pin Cushion

I love sewing. Now, I'm desperate in pin cushions needed. It's a very useful sewing accessories. I really need it to take hold needles and pins easily, and keep them tidily and also easily to collect them. I always lost them and falling onto the floor when I'm sewing, then i should buy again and again. Its fun and easy to make pin cushions. You can create in a various shapes, size and forms. You can also put any decoration, embroidery and any other applique.
This time i want to share with you how to make doughnut pin cushions.

The materials and tools you need are :

Felt fabric in a various color, Dacrons or cotton,
sewing threads,
scissors, pencil or pen and doughnut template.

Instruction :

Placed folded felt fabric on the floor or table,
put the template on it.

Mark with a pen or pencil along the outer and inner circle

Then cut along the outer and inner lines

You will have two pieces ring like

Sew with feston stitch, start from the inner circle

Do the same thing with the outer circle

Leaves 3 cm or 4 cm to insert the Dacrons or Cottons

Insert Dacrons or Cottons as a filler.
Actually saw dust, sand and coffee ground
could use as a filler.

Then sew it shut

Finally, you can decorate in any way you want
with beads, ribbons, button, or any other applique.
This time, I'll decorate with felt fabric to make
melted chocolate effect.

Cut 0.5 cm width felt.
By using glue gun, stick your cutting felt on the doughnut.

Happy Sewing !!!

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