Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 7# Old Paper Pom Pom

Finally i have new room. I need something to decorate the window. I inspired by lushlee to make paper pom pom. I decide to make some and then hang it over the window. It will full of joy when the pom pom sway by the wind. Thank to rachel for sharing the tutorial. Paper used should be made from soft paper like multicolor tissue paper. But i have a lot of old magazine, and i think i have to reuse this old magazine to make something useful

You need 5,7 or 9 sheets of paper ( it should an odd number of paper). I use 5 sheets old magazines. You also need twine and scissors.

Stacked it together then start to fold them into a fan like

Tie it together in the middle with your knot, and extra string on the edge.

Trim off at the edges for a petal effect

Peeling the layers down with gently to avoid from tearing the paper. Do them one side at a time until all layers peeling down.

You can peel a little here and there to make it more look like a beautiful flower.

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