Thursday, January 7, 2010

Special Guest from Etsy

I invited by Tobucil to came to their gathering last sunday. Surprise! There's a special guest from Etsy. Wow! Her name is Julie schneider. She work as a lab coordinator at Etsy. com.
Its an honour for me to know her.

Julie and Tarlen

Etsy is the biggest handmade community in USA, base on online market for handmade product. I always visit this site, to see a new trend in handmade product. Its so inspiring and i love the design.

Julie's block note collection

In this occasion she tell a lot about etsy, how they become growing faster, about the product, about the regulation etc..etc..
Julie is a crafter too. She made anykind of blocknote.
And she love to share how to made a blocknote use waste envelope as a cover.
Nothing is more joy and fun to welcome a new year by meet new people who can inspire our lives.

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