Friday, December 18, 2009

The colorful of felt fiber

My friend watie, asking me to buy felt fiber in any color. First time i met her a years ago, when she learned ribbon embroidery. She and her husband love crafts very much.
This time, she has felt making project.

There are many types of felt fiber. Some are very soft and some are very tough enough to form construction material. It can made into any shape and any size.

Kazakh Yurt

Felt used everywhere, from automotive industry or just to made a puppet. Felt is also used for professioal Billiard table and also to cover a yurt. Yurt is a traditional home in kazakhstan and in mongolia.

Eventhough i don't have a plan for felt making project, but really, i can't take my eyes of this colorful felt fiber. Finally i have twelve color. At home, i list down a lot of things i want to make (of course covering yurt isn't on my There are :
  1. Baby booties
  2. Needle Book
  3. Knitting needle case
  4. Cushion cover
  5. Scarf
  6. Pin
Which projects will i make for the first time? Hhhmmm... Let's see in the next post!

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