Thursday, January 14, 2010

Purple Laptop Case

This is my first laptop case. I sew it yesterday in a hurry, coz i wanna used it that day. I used imitation leather as a material, combine with my polka dot jappanese cotton fabric. Inside it, i used dacron as a layer. My sister buy this leather at Cibaduyut. Cibaduyut is a center of shoes industry in Bandung. There, we could find anykind of shoes and we could also buy the material, such as leather, imitation leather, dacron, etc.

I made a mistake on the construction, actually. I should made a pattern first, before cutting; measure the right dimenstion, made a pattern, then sew. The mistaken part was at zip. I did not measure ths part correctly. I forgot to overstates the stitches on the left and right. That's why this part was tight and hard to zip.

This was another mistake that i made. I put the cover sideways, coz i'm not put a mark at the place where i will put the cover, both right and left.

And i put this decoration sideways too. HHhh..i'm really not satisfied with my work this time. But i'm not give up, i'll make another laptop case next time, with good planning and good time. This time i learned a lot in sewing technique, especially how to sew zip on a bag. Next time, i'll sew it properly.

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