Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Angga's B'day Cake

We're celebrate angga's b'day last sunday. Angga is a son of my friend. He is two years old baby boy. And i promise to make a b'day cake for him.

He was so excited to celebrate his b'day. Look, he was very happy to blow out the candle

I made a black forest cake then covered by chocolate ganache. First layer, i smeared with blueberry jam, second layer smeared with blueberry jam and whipped cream, and last, i smeared all the cakes with whipped cream before i coated by chocolate ganache

Angga helped me to give ideas to decorate this cake. He likes balloon. He also like fish..look its like flying fish on the cake. He laughed, when i draw a funny baby boy. And ARC is his initial name for Anggaraksa Rizky Chandra. Its really nice when we can shared our happiness to others.

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