Friday, March 12, 2010

Folded Ribbon Roses

Its almost a month i'm not write and post something, its because something block my mind. No idea to write. Lucky i'm that i still have motivation to do something. Going around, see how other people life make me feel grateful.

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Be grateful for ths hand, i have complete fingers that i can use to do something and share to others. Be grateful for this eyes that i can use to see anything, to see how beautiful this world is and hoe colorful my life is. And i want to share it with you.

See how beautiful roses are inspiring me to make folded ribbon roses. i use one inch ribbon . To make one bud i need 75 cm long of ribbon.

Then i try to make bud from cotton fabric. But i had to cut the fabric into small pieces. I cut into 3 cm width to 75 cm long, depend on how big bd you want to made.

And the bud was no less beautiful than the bud from ribbon. Its beautiful, i really lobe this roses.


  1. These are really beautiful. You are very talented. I have been trying to make a similar thing, where did you get the pattern/instructions?

  2. Hi, Iam wondering if you have a pattern or instructions you could share for these beautiful flowers???

  3. hai hannah, nice to meet you. try to open this link you can also open on tag 'how to', there is an instruction to make twirld riboon rose. I didn't make the instruction to make this folded ribbon yet. may be later...and i'll inform you. Thank for visit my blog:)