Saturday, November 7, 2009

Two books from Dutch

Last week my cousin, Arum, came to my house and giving me this two lovely books. I ask her to buy me craft book when she had visited her aunty in Dutch, two months ago. And i get this two lovely books.

The first book is '100 Bloemen : om te haken en te breien'. A book for the chrochet and knittig lovers. And this book is for beginner.

Inside it you can find anykind of flowers, fruit, leaves and also insects. This book also for nature lovers, for everyone who loves gardening. You can create your own crochet or knittig garden.

The pattern available in a description form and a diagram form. So, eventhough i can speak dutch, i still can read the pattern.

The second book is '300 Breitips & Technieken'. A Handbook with tips for using different method of knitting.

This, an interesting part of this book. How to dye the yarn using natural dyes. But unfortunately i do not understand with the language. And this book is not equipped with the diagram form. All the pattern available just in a description form.

Can't wait to chrochet my own garden. Thanks Arum, love you and this book so much.

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