Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Red Batik" Peasant Blouse (2) : an easy step to cut and sew

This peasant blose made from batik Garut. Garut is one area in west java, Indonesia. Batik is a traditional folk crafts. Batik produced in almost every region in Indonesia, and it has their own style, motif and uniqueness, such as batik Pekalongan, batik Solo, batik Yogyakarta, batik Wonogiri, batik Cirebon, Batik Madura, batik Banyumas, batik Garut, batik Tasikmalaya, etc.

Last post i show you how to construct your own pesant blouse pattern. And in this post, i'll show you a simple tutorial how to cut and sew this blouse.

Material :
  • Fabric, 2 m long if your fabric width was 1.25 m or 1.5 m if your fabric width was 1.5 (Its also depend on your body. You can take cotton, batik or any other fabric material as you like.
  • Sewing thread, the same color with your fabric
  • 0,5 m, elastic (i use 0,5 cm elastic)

Equipement :

  • scissors
  • pin
  • tailor's chalk (not so necessary)

  • Fold your fabric
  • Layout the fabric, place your bodice section on the fold, place in using pin
  • Cut out
  • Its more easier if you cut two layers on the fold, but it must be careful. Some fabric a lil bit slippy. It can cause issues, when you are cut out.

  • Here is the bodice section after you open the fold

  • Fold your fabric
  • Lay out your fabric, then place your sleeve section on the fold, place in using pin
  • Cut out

  • And here is your sleeve section after you open the fold

  • Place a sleeve piece on a bodice piece
  • Sew around the armhole

  • Place the other sleeve on the other bodice section. Sew the arm hole

  • Fold over the sleeve
  • Lays second bodice on top
  • Place a sleeve on the arm hole, sew. As well as the others

  • Sew from sleeve end down side to the bottom of the blouse

  • Fold over neckhole, sew down
  • Sew the elastic around the neckhole with strong stretch
  • Last, fold over sleeve end, sew down.

The finished Blouse :

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