Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Peasant blouse (1) : an easy step to construct the pattern

Peasant blouse refers to a design based on traditional dress from Romanian, Poland and other European countries. Traditionally, peasant blouse made from white light cotton and featured puffed sleeves. Thanks to Tess for sharing an easy step to construct the pattern with me. I made a lil bit changes the formula for some part. And here is an easy step to construct the pattern.

Step one : Find out your width

Find your widest measurement : your hip and your bust
- my bust = 96 cm
- my hip = 88 cm

So, the widest measurement was around 96 cm
Divide this amount in quarter = 96/4 = 24 cm
Whatever your amoung add 4.5 cm
- mine = 24 cm + 4.5 cm = 28.5 cm

Step two : Find out your length

Measure from the top of your shoulder over the point of your bust to however long you want
For me this measurement = 60 cm

Step three : Find out your armhole (the green

Measure your armhole bu measuring from the top of your shoulder to however deep you want
For me this measurement = 24 cm

Step four : Draw up your pattern pieces

Ruling up your bodice

Using waste paper or perchment paper, draw up a rectangle with dimensio from step one and two ( 60 cm x 28.5 cm). And this is the bodice sectiona.

Ruling up your armhole

Fron the upper right corner of the rectangle, measure down from step three ultiply with two third then add with 1 to 3 cm
For me this measurement = (24 cm x 2/3) + 3 cm = 19 cm, make a small mark.

Ruling up the neckhole

From the upper right, measure across one third of your width add 3 to 7 cm
For me this measrement = 28.5 cm x 1/3 = 9.5 cm + 5 cm = 14.5 cm, make a small mark.

Then, from the upper left, easure down 3.8 cm, make a small mark.

Drawing up both your armhole and neckhole

Used a curve ruler to draw a curve line from one point to another. Take a piece of string or yarn. Lay it over the armhole and it should be 24 cm. You may have to adjust the curve o get the right measurement.

You will end up your armhole and neckhole, drawn as shown figure below.

Step five : The Sleeve

If your have a puffy sleeve , so you need a bit space for your sleeve
This can made shorte and the choice is yours.
For me this measurement = 60 cm by 18 cm (and it could be more). I made long puddy sleeve.

Used the bodice section as a template
Take another rectangula paper with dimension 60 cm by 18 cm, place it beneath the bodice section
Hold the smaller paper in place using paper clip or another non permanent adhesivesant bCut armhole and neckhole guidelines

These are the paper template you should have.

Enjoy your sewing time. Next post i will show your how to cut and sew.

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