Wednesday, October 7, 2009


What a wonderful day i could walk around "King Shopping Centre" without rushing, four days ago. King Shopping Centre is a shopping complex where you can find anykind of fabric. Its an usual shopping complex where you can buy shirt, blouse, dress, shoes and also watch the movie. But its more popular with fabric centre. You can find anykind of fabric like lace, wool, cotton, batik and many more, in the ground and first floor.

My eyes catched something. WOW!!!......cotton here...cotton there. Its not just local cotton, but i found jappanese cotton also. Actually, at that time i still didn't have any idea, what i will make with them. HHhmm...but i fell in love with them.

I asked the vendor the differet between local cotton and jappanese cotton. She said, there are no different between them except that the local one didn't wax yet. But the price is more expensive than the local one. Then i asked the vendor to cut half meter this....half meter that. Finally i've got ten motifs of jappanese cotton and four motifs of local one.

Two day later i cut all of the fabric into small pieces : 37 x 30 cm. My sister suggest me to sell the fabric for the patchwork lover. But actually its also nice to cover a notebook, or to make a button then you can also make a button hairclip, and many more. You can buy this small piece at tobucil in one package contain 5 pieces each and you can also choose your own motifs.

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