Saturday, October 10, 2009

Simple "Cotton" blouse

This blouse made from cotton. I liked the motif and color very much. So fresh and batik like. I used bias tape to trim neck and hand. I made my own bias from the same material using bias tape maker.

This polka dot blouse also made from cotton. Its a nice and simple blouse. I need half day to finished it. This material was easy to sew and cheap also. I need one and half meter length and also one and half meter width.

This baby doll pink flower blouse, look fresh and and summer like. I still used bias tape to trim the neck and hand.

I sew this blouse last sunday, made from jappanese cotton. I used the same pattern with the polka dot blouse, but this time i made a collar on the neck.


  1. adeemmm...aku juga suka baju katun mbak Kenti. moga2 suatu saat bisa njahit sendiri, dan enak dipakai. heheh...dulu pernah bikin tp g nyaman dipake

  2. hai heni...coba deh cari blouse yang enak dipake, tape dah usang. trus didedel n dibikin pola. Coba satu baju kalo enak bisa diubah-ubah. kalo ngga harus diperbaiki dikit2.