Friday, September 25, 2009

Play wih Ribbon

First time i interested in ribbon embroidery coz i think its more easy and simple than crossstitch. I should not count the block or bring the pattern wherever i go. I just draw the pattern or design on the material then i can stitch wherever i want. I learned ribbon embroidery in 2004. I took a basic course and need a month to finished the sylabus. There are 15 to 20 kind of basic stitches i should learned. We are using 3 mm, 5 mm and 1 cm satin ribbon and organza ribbon. It will be more cute and beauty if we are using silkribbon, but the price is too expensive.
The challenge in ribbon embroidery is how you can match the colour and how you can make a good design.

Here some of my ribbon embroidery work :

There are four project to complete the course. First, i made a wall deco with 15 to 20 kinds of stitches. Second, i made a frame. Third, i try to made my own design then i applique to decorate a box cover. Last, i made a lamp cover.

This lamp cover made to complete the sylabus when i took a ribbon embroidery course. I really love the pattern, coz i learn a new thing to made : the butterfly and the bug.

This little wall deco made on february 2009. I made the basket using acrilic yarn by crochet, then i sew it on the material. As a material i used "kain blacu". I gave it as a farewell gift for uswah and her family

This "sunflower" embroidery, stitched to make a decorative frame. This, another version of my first project. I used the same pattern but different colour of the ribbon. Next post i'll show you how to make a decorative frame.

Toppiary is another wall deco. I skecthed the pattern by myself. Trace to the material, then start stitched. I need two days to finished it. Really loved that moment.

I decorated this box cover as a farawell gift for my friend. I like the red one, stitched with twirled ribbon stitch using 5 mm organza ribbon. The purple one stitched with web rose stitch using 3 mm satin and organza ribbon and the dot stitched with french knot using 3 mm satin ribbon too.

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  1. Beautiful thanks for sharing!:-)