Friday, September 25, 2009

Finding my hidden treasure

Two months ago when I cleaned my room, I found a purple box in my cupboard, a chocolate box. Then I found myself very curious to opened it. Surprise!!! I found my crossstitch work in it. Its almost two years I forgot about this. But actually, its almost six years I never do crossstitch again. Hhmm..suddenly I miss crossstitch. Counting the block, finding the yarn, fix the by day waiting the project finished, pull the yarn with the same tense, its like a healing for me.

Crossstitch is my first gate to enter craftworlds. My moms introduce me with needlework since I was nine or ten years old little girl. She likes sewing very much. She sews my dress, my sister's dress, and also my brother's shirt. She sews her own dress till now. She also do crossstich. But, her first crosstitch project never been finished till now.

My first crosstich project. A caligraphic crossstich project.

A butterfly crossstitch series, finished on august 1997. I need a month to finished this project. I took the pattern from "Ein Kruisteek book"

An Alphabhetical crossstitch series. I took the pattern from free bonus "house and garden" magazine, finished in 1999. Its a very simple sampler.

Another alphabethical crossstitch project, but i forgot when i started and finished this project. I took the pattern from Crossstich magazines. I bought this magazine in a second hand bookstore. Finding a craftbook or craft magazines its like finding a hidden treasure. I realy like that moment.

This is a simple sampler. This crossstitch sampler signifies many aspect of tradition dutch life. The carnation, rose and hearts are indicate of love, while birds are the guard tree of life. The motifs on left hand side are adapted from dutch tile. I found this pattern on "Creative Stitccraft" and finished this project on november 1997.

I made this geometric crossstitch pattern in anycolour to made a "happy eid mubarak" card. I forgot when i made this.

The sunflower was my last crossstitch project. I need a lemon yellow yarn to fill the flower on the right block. But i'm too lazy to find it and to finished this project. This pattern also took from free bonus "house and garden" magazines