Monday, June 11, 2012

Knitting Vest

Sometimes we need to take a break from anything that bother you. Whether your problem or your routine. We need to pause the time and refresh our mind. Especially when you feel uncomfortable with yourself, lost your confident and the worst thing is when you think that you close to the death. It is a horrible thought and take your energy away.

Doing this project help me to take a breath, stop the time, refresh my mind and turn my energy back. With  a simple design and  no pattern require, i hope i can finish this project not too long. Considering  i have unfinished project befrore, a baby sweater for my little pal, pasha (now, he is not a baby anymore), i was worried that i couldn't finish this project shortly. I also have no experience to knit a vest,  I thought it will need several weeks or even months to finish it. But, i was wrong. I only need two weeks, three days to knit  the bodice, a day to shape the arm hole and collar and a recess time in between it (hahaha, as usual. But this time, I do not need to put my work on my knitting basket for too long).

And now,  I am proudly present my first knitting vest.

Thank you to Eline Candra Bunda ARC for become my model. You are very talented model, and i recommend you to be Indonesia Next Top Model. Bravo :)


  1. Hi, Kak Kenti! It's me, Khadijah. The vest is sooo lovely Kak Kenti, especially with maroon colour. Wish you could do more in future with more bright colours. Would like to see it with bright purple or pink!

  2. Thanks ija, for your appreciation. I like purple, and i'll do it for the next project. Its, a great idea!