Friday, June 15, 2012

DIY : Two Layers Batwing Blouse

A simple project made two weeks ago, in a mid time I'm doing  knitting vest project. Its very simple and easy to followed. There are many kind of fabric you can use, for example: siphon, haicon, double haicon or cerruti. There are also two kind of fabric width, 115 cm and 150 cm long. Different width will result different arm length.

Here are the instructions :
  • Measure your hip (mine 104 cm). 
  • The fabric length you need is 2.5 m,  to make a 63 cm long blouse, and in this project i take fabric with 115 cm width
  • Fold the fabric in the middle. Cut along the width. Now you have a fabric with 1.25 m lenght, with two sheets of fabric.
  • Then, divide the length in two parts, each 62.5 cm (1.25/2= 62.5 cm). Mark both sides. 
  • From that point, measure to the right side along of your fabric width.  [(width - 30 cm)/2], mine [(115 - 30)/2]= (85/2) = 42.5 cm . Do the same thing from the other point to the left side with the same  size. Sew along the size in both sides. Don't forget to pin it, to place in the fabric when you sew.  You will have unsew part in the middle.
  • From the middle part, measure [width-(hip/2)], mine [115 - (104/2]/2 = [115 - 52]/2 = 63/2 = 31.5 cm. From this point, measure 27 - 30 cm down, to shape the armhole. Then, sew from this point till the bottom. Don't forget to pin it to make the fabric place in when you sew it. Do the same thing on the other side. Now you will have a hole for the bodice and also the arm hole. Doing this instruction only in one part.
  • At the other part you will have unsew part. Then, take one sheet of fabric, reverse both side. 
  • 8. Trim the  edges. Now you have two layers bat wing blouse. First, you have to measure you're blouse length and you
  • Feel free to email me,  to get the diagram.
Thanks again to Eline Bunda ARC, to become my model. You look Gorgeous wear this blouse.

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