Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Time to Remembered #1: Trip to Kemaman

There is always a good time to remembered. Find a new place is always a very pleasant time, cause we can meet a new friend, we can know a new culture and we can also know how they live by the values that they profess.

Kemaman is a district in Terengganu, Malaysia, which is rich with oil and gas. I remember, zila ask me to go with her to Kemaman for the craft exhibition. She is one of the great friends of mine.

This is a famous kopitiam
(coffee shop) in kemaman. Its opened in 1935

Its a best place for local and traveller kopitiam for breakfast

Kopi 'O'. Its strong coffee

This is one of the famous breakfast item, toasted bread with kaya.

Hhmmm....i forgot this bread's name.
Its like roti canai, but its more bigger and more Delicious.

Zila and friend's booth

Rozita and her project.

Me, help zita to decorate her pouch with ribbon embroidery

Zila and her student..she teach how to sew 'kerudung'

And me...i teach ribbon embroidery.

This is one of the great trip i ever had, and i will always remember it.

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