Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Time to Remembered #2 : Let's Make Cup Cake

I always remember this time as a wonderful moment. Finding new friends who taking care of you as her own family in overseas is a blessing. Lucky I am that I have a lot of loving and caring friends surrounding me.

Me, Eyza, and Uswah are work in the same College. Uswah sister's, Shana, love baking very much and so do we. That's why we always stay at uswah home for baking. Its fun..really fun.

Eyza take baking course...and this cuties cup cake was her first attempt

We use butter cream as a topping. Then we put strawberry...yea its an artificial strawberry,
but its cute, isn't it? We make from strawberry jam.

We also use ready make gum paste flowers.

Put butter cream roses on the cake, make it nice

We're also trying to combine both of them.

Look, we're always make her kitchen in a mess

And this is Eyza's work. Its pretty, isn't it?

I'm gonna miss this moment...I wish I can visit them in another time. And I wish God bless u all.

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