Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 2# Serikaya for Tajil

During Ramadhan able bodied muslim abstain from food and fluid, and also sexual activity between the hours of sunrise and sunset. Then in the evening when sun goes down and maghrib prayer called, after all day fasting all muslim have to break their fasting. In Indonesia breaking the fast announced by beduk. Beduk is a single headed frame drum which has elongated body.

Evening meals when muslims break their fast called "iftaar". In Indonesia we called it "buka puasa" or "tajil". Including
date palm, there are various unique Indonesian iftar like kolak, cendol, cingcau, serikaya, etc, which is good for bring sugar level back to normal.

In the second day of my Ramadhan Tutorial Project, I'll make one of my favorite tajil :
Serikaya. It made from only three ingredients : coconut milk, brown sugar (Gula jawa) and eggs. But you can also add flour or maize to made it more thicker. Its better to use freshly squeezed coconut milk, but if its difficult for you to make, you can use ready make coconut milk.

All you need is :

200 ml ready make coconut milk dilute until 300 ml, 3 eggs, 100 gram brown sugar (gula jawa), 50 gram sugar, 1 tablespoon of maize, and sufficient of salt.

Put gula jawa, salt and eggs into the bowl.

Beat until all gula jawa dissolve.

Add in maize, stir until well mixed.

Then, pour coconut milk into the bowl gradually.

Stir until well mixed.

Strain the mixture into a new and clean bowl/container to make sure no coarse foreign matter in the spread.

Prepare the mold, put the mixture into it.
Steam in the medium heat until done (about 30 minutes)

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