Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 12# Simple Rose Brooch

Even a simple Brooch can change your looks. A simple dress will look different with a simple flower corsage. I adore with Mrs O looks. She looks gorgeous when she wear a simple cutting jacket with a simple floral corsage. I posses to make fabric rose corsage in a various size, color, motif and in a various fabric. This Brooch available at tobucil, its a small nice book and craft shop.

And here i want to share a simple tutorial to make a fabric rose brooch.

Materials and tools you need are :

You need Twist fabric rose or folded ribbon rose,
needle, sewing threads and glue gun.

What should we do now?
There are two methods to make this simple brooch

By sewing the pin on the rose

Placed in the pin in the middle of the rose

Start sewing along the pin

By glue gun

Put a little glue on the pin

Placed your rose on it.

Reverse your brooch, with your thumb pressed the pin

Now you can change your looks