Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hai, hello !!

It's almost two years i did not write anything on my blog. Many things happen, a good thing and bad thing, a happiness and sadness, people come and go. But it doesn't mean i do nothing. Baking birthday cake or wedding cake for customer order. Sewing my own clothes, crocheting pouch. and knitting shawl for humanity.

And that is my big project, chroceting  granny square bed cover. It take a year and i'm still running with this project. Lazy? Ya, you can say that. But it's really a hectic year. Running several things at the same time, working part time in a mental hospital, running my cake business and  teaching  is not easy actually. How to manage the time is always a big problem for me. But that is the art. Enjoy every moment and process.

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