Thursday, September 6, 2012

DIY : A Paper Cupcake Flower Tutorial

I don't know what its name or what type of flowers. A friend of mine said that it's look like a carnation bouquet, a pink carnation bouquet. I'm not sure it's the same flowers, but whatever it's name or look like, it's really easy to made. You can make it while you're watching TV or take a break.

All you need are paper cupcake, PVC glue, bamboo stick, and scissors


Cut the base of paper cupcake.

Then cut the circle

Take one piece of cutting paper cupcake, put the PVC glue upon 
the bottom part of it.
Then roll it around the stick tightly, 3 or 4 rounds. Then, fold and roll the paper around the sticks till the end of the paper

Take another piece of paper, then roll bellow it. To make one flower you need 2 or 3 pieces of paper cupcake

Ta...da... Now you have your own flower.

To make a bouquet you need 25 - 50 pieces of it, depend on your desire.

For me, make this paper cupcake flower, full of joy, pleasure and happiness. I hope you feel the same way too!!

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