Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dumpy Duck Monster

xoxoxo...what a cute monster. The Mogus help me to make the character while the body made by me six month or a year ago, i think ( really forgot when i made this body, untill i clean my room and i found it on my amigurumi box a month ago).  Searching something i can use as a character  on Mogu's dump felt is full of fun, coz he has big bundle dump-felt  and i can dig up easily. Ta..da..i found this big mouth  with big white teeth and yellow mouth.  Then i put yellow hand and foot, tail and shawl to make him a goergeous looking. And what about the eyes? No need, i think.  My 'dumpy duck' can see whole world with his heart

Ppssstt...i tell you a secret, I  put a tail to make him stand up properly. Now he has nice looking and can stand up properly and ready to cheer you up and especially to cheer deasy . Yea, this 'dumpy duck' is a farewell gift for her. And i hope she like my present and take care of him.

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