Sunday, June 26, 2011

Champa Traditional Woven Fabric

On April, I visitied Vietnam. To see what other people do in other hemisphere is always interesting. Not only the places, but also the people are good things to learn. How they live in daily, what they do, how they preserve the value of their ancestral, their history, their heritage are really interesting to study.

If you visit Phan thiet ( a province in central vietnam ), you can find a few group of cham people, they are an ethnic group from southeast asia. Some of this group are also live in cambodia. They weave the fabric to make chlothes, bag or pashmina.

It's a traditional loom from champa

I like their woven fabric. This one has similar motif with 'kain songket' from west and south sumatra. I hope i can visit Palembang and Bukit Tinggi, where weaving is their daily lives.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My First Online Customer

Xo..xo..xo, how happy i am someone appreciate my work. She like the orange corsage, and want to order that one, the small black rose brooch, and the chocolate rose ring. Thakns Dhona, i hope you like it.

This small black rose brooch made from satin fabric, and it has 3 cm on the diameter

The chocolate ring

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Big Apple : A Nine Months Clothes Project

I bought this book three weeks ago and always pop up on my mind. With adorable models, stylish design, ready to trace patterns and clear step by step instructions, i really fall in love with this book. Wheter you have basic dressmaking or not you still can make the clothes on this book.

This dress is one of the 25 fun making clothes project. I made for nine years old baby. This time i'm not use ready-to-trace patterns from this book, but i try to construct my own pattern. This stylish dress can be finished in no time and it's also eay to sew.

Fold the fabric, and placed in the pattern upon it. Cut one front, one back, ant two strips for the hem flounce in plain-orange cotton.

Gather the back side and front side

Gather the flounce strip, make a ruffle, so it has the same width as the bottom of the dress.

With right sides together, attach the gathered strip to the bottom edge of the dress.

Ensure, the gathered are distributed all the way around

Carrefully bind around the armhole edge with bias binding, and sew it in place. Repeat with other armhole.

Then, bind the front and back neck edges with bias binding. Ssstt..actually i made a mistake for this step. I should bind the neck edges first then the armhole edge.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stitches Lavender, Snowbell and Hollyhock

Finally i have time to do my ribbon embroidery. I designed some simple pattern that i can do just in less than one hour. I hope i can stitch all the design. And here some of the design




If you need the pattern, just email me and i'll give it for free.
Have a nice weekend :)