Monday, April 25, 2011

The Kriwil : My First Fabric Doll

Hai, we are the Kriwil family, cause we have curly hair (in javanase language curly hair called kriwil). We made from jappanese cotton and the best dacron to fill our body. Thanks to Pin and Paper for the tutorial, so we can born in this beautiful world.

And here is the member of our family :

My name is Purpurea, you can call me Rea. 

Me and diecky. Look, we have the same hair :)
Yea,  he who inspired my hair creation.

Hai, my name is Fuska. I love my skin color.

My name is Margo. I don't even have any curly hair yet. But sooner i will have any, like anybody else.

And me, Karuleus. You can call me too i'm still bald.
Hope, Kenti does not forget to make my hair.

Nice to know you all :)