Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nice Little Surprises

What a wonderful life when you are surrounded by loving family and friends. Thousand wises sent for my happiness, health, luck and blessing, on my birthday. Wow...i feel great.
Family and Friends will always be the best gift in my life.

Little surprises make my life more colorful. And this wallet, became a nice little surprise from my sister. A handmade wallet, made from wall paper and made by paperpleased. Its really nice gift, thank you.

Another surprise came from my youngest sister. She knows that i like cooking very much, so she gave me this dvd movies : Best chef. Its a Korean Movie, and i wish i could be a best chef too. Thanks for this inspiring gift.


  1. semoga menjadi ahli onde terbaik sejagad raya :)

  2. Thankyou for featuring me :) btw kbtln aku jg uda nonton dvd best chef haha

  3. you're welcome :)
    wah aku malah belum nonton...masih asik nonton 'friends'. If you don't mind follow blog aku ya,thanks :)

  4. salam..kak kenti bila mau turun sini..rindu la, say atak dapt nak gi sana seperti yg dirancang, bnyak masalah dalam pengajian hari tu...

  5. tak sure lagi, schedule exam student tak keluar tak tau bila nak gi sana. miss u tooo :)